Author: Steve

A/B Testing with Google Optimize and Tag Manager

Now that Google Optimize is available to the masses, I was keen to try it for my A/B experiments. Perhaps the best thing about A/B testing Optimize is that variant pages can be created with a visual editor, rather than having to create a second page. Be aware that what is described herein isn’t the recommended way to set up and deploy A/B testing, but it’s quick and easy and it works. In a nutshell, here’s how we can easily A/b test (and what is required). You will need GA via GTM, and an Optimize account. Make sure you...

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Track Meta Refreshes to external sites using GTM

Google Tag Manager is fine if you want to track standard outgoing links. But what if the link is contained in a Meta Refresh? And you only want to capture certain meta refreshes? This was my challenge the other day! Set up a new variable in GTM, call it something like Get Meta Refresh Variable type should be Custom Javascript, and that javascript is as follows:function getMetaContent() { var metas = document.getElementsByTagName(‘meta’);for (var i=0; i<metas.length; i++) { if (metas[i].getAttribute(“http-equiv”) == “refresh”) { return metas[i].getAttribute(“content”); } }return “”; } All we’re doing here is looking at the Metas within the...

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Beware referral traffic from secure sites

Beware referral traffic from a secure site! Why? Because Google Analytics will show it as Direct. Its part of the process of anonymising secure traffic – the referrer gets stripped out of the header, so without a referring URL, it’s treated as Direct by GA. If you have any control over the link from a secure site, get the link tagged with utm parameters. So your link would become …?utm_medium=referral& For more on this...

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