Accessibility & SEO

Good SEO equates to good accessibility. So many of the elements of SEO are about ease of access within a site: clear headings (especially H1s, H2s) define what sections are about; Breadcrumbs help people navigate; and let’s not forget why we use ALT tags, and why they (and links) are supposed to be descriptive!

It’s the Little Things, Part I: SEO your PDFs

Sound & solid SEO is often all about The Little Things. Dull and boring they may be, they are still essential elements of the successful SEO toolkit. ‘Ducks in a row’ I call it.

Some times overlooked, optimising PDFs just adds extra content that Google can find and index. I’ve just identified 200 PDFs on a site that were all showing in Google as a one-word page title. Soon I’ll see 200 PDFs in Google with varied and SEO-strong Titles. Regardless of what else Google will pick up from the documents, it’s a massive improvement.

For Google’s take on PDFs & SEO, see this article.

Top Tip for Remarketing: Frequency Capping

If there’s one tool ‘remarketeers’ need to make themselves familiar with, it’s Frequency Capping.

Frequency capping in Adwords


“When you turn on frequency capping for a campaign, you set a limit for the number of impressions you will allow an individual user to have per day, per week or per month. You also choose whether the limit applies to each ad, ad group or campaign.”

Simply put, it’s limiting the times you show a remarketed ad to a user. Because, if you’re anything like me, the more I’m shown an ad (especially if it’s not relevant) the less likely I am to click it.

Read the official Google Adwords help about Remaketing Frequency Capping