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The SEO Audit, Part III

The final part of our basic SEO audit looks primarily at how Google sees your site. Remember that we’re using tools that that are free and don’t require getting under the hood (by looking at GA for instance).

So I’d head over to Google’s Page Speed Insights and plug-in the URL you want to check. You’ll get a score out of 100 for both mobile & desktop versions of the site.

Google Page Speed Insights

In particular, look for the highlighted message. It should just confirm what you know about how mobile-friendly your site is, as well as offering tips on how to improve the user experience.

One final check is really the most obvious. But do a search in Google for your website. Better still, do a “”.


Check that your carefully crafted Page Titles and Meta Descriptions are showing just as you’d like them to. Remember that Google will use the Title towards ranking your site. And the user will use the Description to judge if it’s worth clicking into your site.