[pricing price=”Free” currency=”£ title=”Free” desc=”An ‘on the face of it’ audit” moretext=”More” url=”/contact” ]
[feature] UX review [/feature]
[feature] Tech review [/feature]
[feature checkmark=”x”] Analytics [/feature]
[feature checkmark=”x”] Search Console review [/feature][/pricing]

[pricing price=”Call” currency=”£ title=”Advanced” desc=”a thorough audit” moretext=”More” url=”/contact” type=”big”]
[feature] UX review [/feature]
[feature] Tech review [/feature]
[feature] Analytics [/feature]
[feature] Search Console review [/feature][/pricing]

[pricing price=”Call” currency=”£ title=”Audit Plus” desc=”the total audit” moretext=”More” url=”/contact”]
[feature] Heatmap analysis [/feature]
[feature] PPC analysis [/feature]
[feature] Conversion Optimisation [/feature]
[feature] Advanced analytics [/feature][/pricing]


*Note: services other than the Free review depend on access to GWT and Analytics.