Your Best Analytics Metrics, Part I

I’m often asked what are the key Metrics to look at within the wealth of data that Google Analytics offers. My answer is this: anything, so long as you drill down to some more meaningful level.

For instance, of course Bounce Rate is a fairly useful indicator of how engaging a page is – but not particularly for your site overall. So a good, indeed essential, use of BR is say at the Landing Page Report level.

advanced filter lading page report

Better still, refine that report to view high traffic pages that have a BR of say over 50%, and straight away you have a hit list of pages you should look at with a view to reducing BR and pulling visitors further into your site. After all, you’ve done something right to acquire the traffic, maximise it (by adding a clear Call To Action)!

Welcome to 2016

It’s a new year, and that ought to mean a new approach to your website. A time to re-evaluate what you’ve got, how it works, and how it can be improved. Because every under-performing day is business lost!

So, as my 7-year-old son would say, “It’s ‘time to get serious’ time”! This blog is all about that, with lots of timely tips & SEO suggestions to fine-tune your site so that you can get the most from your investment in the website that should be driving lots of conversions.

responsive SEOAnd for my first tip, let me pose a question. How does your site look on a mobile device? Is it something like this, all nice and responsive?

… or is it more like this – looking and feeling like a site has been squished to fit when viewed on a small screen?



Because my first Tip Of The Week is this: make your site responsive, or loose both traffic and custom. Google will penalise you in the SERPs in favour of your responsive competitors sites, and customers will simply not be able to navigate around your site and buy your products. It’s as simple as that!